Can plants be used to clear toxins from soil?

Question: I've heard of some plants being used to target and remove specific toxins from soil. Is there a list somewhere of the plants that can be used for these purposes? Answer: There are highly specialized and exceedingly rare plants that are able to grow on metal-contaminated sites by taking the contaminants up into plant tissues. They … Continue reading Can plants be used to clear toxins from soil?

What ingredients make up soil?

Question: What ingredients make up soil? Answer: Soils contain solid particles of different sizes and different types. Some of the particles are minerals, and others are organic. There are spaces between the particles; the spaces may be filled with air or water. Photo courtesy of the Natural Resources Conservation Service. Minerals in soil and how … Continue reading What ingredients make up soil?

How is the age of soil figured?

Question: How is the age of soil figured? Answer: Soil scientists agree that soils form over time as the climate (temperature, rain, wind, etc.), topography (shape of the landscape), parent material (weathered rocks or stuff deposited by wind, water, ice, or gravity), and living organisms (plants and animals that live in the soil) interact. To … Continue reading How is the age of soil figured?