Is it safe to grow food in my yard?

Q: I live in a big city. Is it safe to grow vegetables in the soil of my backyard? If you're concerned about contaminants in your soil, growing vegetables in raised beds with commercial topsoil can be a great solution. Photo: Kate Kurtz A: While it’s likely safe to grow vegetables in the soil in … Continue reading Is it safe to grow food in my yard?

Does climate change affect soil?

Q: Does climate change affect soil? A: Along with changes in temperature, climate change will bring changes in global rainfall amounts and distribution patterns. And since temperature and water are two factors that have a large influence on the processes that take place in soils, climate change will therefore cause changes in the world’s soils. … Continue reading Does climate change affect soil?

Does soil give flavor to wine?

Q: Do the soils where grapes are grown influence the color, flavor, and aroma of wine? A: The color, flavor, and aroma compounds in wine include those found in the grape fruit—or berry—as well as others that develop during fermentation and aging of the wine. The important point is that all the sensory compounds found … Continue reading Does soil give flavor to wine?

Is soil renewable or non-renewable?

Q: I recently got into a conversation with someone who claimed soils are a renewable resource because the nutrients in them can be replaced with fertilizers. But I’ve heard that soil takes a really long time to form, so that to me makes it non-renewable. What’s your opinion? A: The idea that soil is renewable … Continue reading Is soil renewable or non-renewable?